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Koi Pond Supply


My Name is Justin Beaver of Beaver Creek Aquatics and I would like to share a little about myself. My love for aquatic life shows in all the work we do here at Beaver Creek Aquatics. I have been fascinated with animals for as long as memory permits. When it came time to pursue an academic goal in college, I decided to focus my efforts on Biology. After my introduction to ponds and aquariums, the field of aquatic biology and ecology was a perfect fit! I received my Bachelors in Biology: Ecology Behavior and Evolution from UCSD in 2008 and very happy to put it to good use here at Beaver Creek Aquatics.


Pond and Aquarium Care

I have been caring for a number of ponds and aquariums for the better part of the last eight years, I’m always thankful for my academic background, which always helps me to better understand our animal companions’ behaviors, specific needs, and interactions. I feel that each water feature or koi pond should be unique and I thoroughly enjoy seeing my customer’s specific dreams and ideas for their aquatic system come to life before their eyes.


Scientifically Formulated Aquatic Supplies

This has led me to scientifically formulate aquatic pond supplies that have higher concentrations providing better performance than previously available products. Beaver Creek Aquatics is now offering our scientifically developed pond supply products to you! All of our products are specifically engineered for the health of aquatic life and is great for Koi ponds. Not only have we made these products available to the general public, they’re competitively priced and provide more efficiency than other similar products. Beaver Creek Aquatics is your resource for top-performing pond and water feature supplies.

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