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Liquid Bacteria Treatment 1gal.

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Ref. Number: LBT1G

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Item Description

Beaver Creek Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is scientifically formulated to maximize efficiency and provide positive results for water features of all sizes. Our Liquid Beneficial Bacteria contains pro-biotic microbes that eliminate ammonia, reduce sludge, fish waste, and other excess nutrients that cause impure water. Beaver Creek Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is perfect for spring time start-ups for water gardens, koi ponds, lakes, and optimizes the filtration system. This establishes positive bacteria within the pond’s filtration system and allows fish to thrive by creating the perfect nitrogen cycle. For the most balanced and pure water use Beaver Creek Liquid Beneficial Bacteria in any size water feature. Our Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is the highest concentration formula available. Our 1 gallon bottle treats 128,000 gallons of pond water and is perfect for professional, commercial, and residential needs.


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