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Liquid Dechlorinator 2lt

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Ref. Number: LIQD2LT

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Item Description

Beaver Creek Liquid Dechlorinator is a water conditioner for ponds that is professional strength. Our Liquid Dechlorinator's active ingredient neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and harmful particles in tap water. Further, our Liquid Dechlorinator utilizes a unique second active ingredient that neutralizes ammonia, the only product in the industry with this feature. Beaver Creek Aquatics Liquid Dechlorinator provides fish a chlorine-free environment and aides them during periods of stress. Beaver Creek’s Liquid Dechlorinator is perfect for other pond-life including turtles, tadpoles, and aquatic plants. Dechlorination is extremely important for pond water to protect pond-life from dangerous chlorine exposure and heavy metal toxicity. Our Liquid Dechlorinator is crucial for routine or emergency water changes and for transit of pond-life. Beaver Creek Aquatics Liquid Dechlorinator delivers true professional strength with up to 3 times the concentration of the leading brands in the industry. Beaver Creek Aquatics Liquid Dechlorinator provides the best value and requires the least storage space. Our 2 Liter bottle of Beaver Creek Liquid Dechlorinator treats 33,814 Gallons of pond water.


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